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About Neuron

NEURON is a Polish company based in Warsaw that specializes in manufacturing and distribution of rehabilitation equipment and medical products. It was founded in 1985 by Jacek Jędrzejczak, M. Sc..

We have four shops in Warsaw which not only stock a wide variety of items but also provide outstanding customer service.

NEURON produces pressure relief products, eye patches, sleep masks and MARCIN bunion regulators (it has been 32 years since the introduction of our first bunion corrector!).


In recent years, NEURON has been setting locations where medical and rehabilitation equipment will be available not only to disabled persons, but also to those who care for their own bodies, physical development, and looks. In our stores, among other products, the following articles are offered:
  • Orthopaedic and auxiliary equipment: rehabilitation beds, orthopaedic beds, bed tables, walking sticks, crutches, mattresses, pillows.
  • Wheelchairs: classic, active, electric.
  • Toilet, care utilities: urinals, bedpans, benches, holders, stabilisers, masks, bedsore preventing products.
  • Sport/rehabilitation equipment: steppers, rehabilitation bikes, ladders, exercise belts, dumb-bells, weights.
Also, the following equipment may be borrowed in our stores:
  • wheelchairs,
  • walking frames,
  • beds,
  • crutches,
  • oxygen concentrators.
We offer a very extensive selection of auxiliary equipment (i.a., stair-climbers, lifts, elevators, beds, full bathroom fittings). We perform tasks for institutions, natural persons as well as beneficiaries of additional financing by PFRON (National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund), and WCPR (Warsaw Family Assistance Centre). We have many years of experience.

Contact: Andrzej Skiba, phone: +48 604-557-253